The fascist Facebook Police cut the live show off after an hour – so here’s the FULL show for your long journeys across the Covid County…

Gobow – Amety
Smackrats – Tell Us The Truth
Natterers – Appetite For Distraction
Conflict – Bullshit Broadcast
Domestics – Bullshit Parasite
ICH – The Cunts
Rabo De Toro – Fake News Knobheads
Stilletoes – Nazis Cymraeg
Killdren – Hands Off Our NHS
Depraved – Winner Loser
Arse – Who Comes Next
Paranoid Visions – Fungus
Carpet – Eighties Motor Tool
Chugga – Liar
20ft Ninja – Liars
Fuck Your Haircut – We Are Bernard’s Watch
The Chillingtons – Fly By Night
Jeffery Uppercut – Get The Fuck Outta My Way
Crutches – Hoppa Av
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – £2.17
Noogy – 2017
Riviera Kid – Sertraline
Tower 7Theory Of Disease
Bootnic – Hanner Dyn
Eitha Da – Strange Harvest
Bleach Sweets – Nice Guys
Pizzatramp – Knighthoods Are For Cunts
SlutBomb – Wall
Ohmns – Dece Bece Crece
The Pleasure Dome – Insane
Mr Huw – Saim Gwahanol
UK Subs – Banksy