Week Three in The Bunker so another live Facebook stream to make the isolated feel even more depressed ha ha – Listen again to last night’s show – it was actually quite a good un!

The Affliction – Good People
Officer Down – Lockdown
Buggy – Flesh Prison
Cold Feet – Good Book
Eye Licker – In Sanity
Entity – Era (*archive session)
James Phillips – Seminal Visceral Catharsis
James Phillips – Seminal Visceral Catharsis
James Phillips – Seminal Visceral Catharsis
Alun Beans – Electric Baboon
Glass Beach – Raspberry (*archive session)
Kicker – Wankers On The Bus
Wobbly Hearts – Abergele
Elfyn Presli – Hangofyr
Three Minute Warning – Hangover
The Bordellos – Sweetest Hangover
Total Massacre – April Fools
The Cowboys – Wise Guys Algorithm
Down & Outs – What Did You Do In The Culture Wars?
Warthog – Culture?
Brassick – They Say
Red Or Dead – UK Publicity Machine (*archive session)
Beer Enema – Dairy Cornhole Blowout
Kentucky AFC – Praidd
This System Kills – Accessorise
Domesticrust – Consume
Hallelujah – Wanna Dance
GMX Stuns – Been There Done That
NO Name Janes – I’m In A Long Distance Relationship…Get Me Out Of Here!
Rabo De Toro – All I Need
The Chats – The Kids Need Guns
Mwstard – Dance Mwnci
Dead Kennedys – Insight
Jodie Faster – Where Are The Girls
Slund – Sabotage