It only took four years but I finally nailed Dan Amor down to do a session for the show… And well worth waiting for as Mr Recordiau Cae Gwyn took us on a trip to the Ogwen and back…

Magic Bullet – Neil Crud On TudnoFM
Krimewatch – Peach Generation
Breichiau Hir – Preseb O Las
Super Fast Girlie Show – Oh Well
Dan Amor – Into Amber (*session)
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Booze Time
Paul Hammond – Policy Of Cruel
Dense – Electric Chair
Bait – Elite
Pasta Hull a Papur Wal – Denis Bergkamp Til I Die
Hamer – All the Time
Kids Of Skids – Army Store
Kraut – Army Sport
Dan Allaby – Miles Around
Troika – Confrontación
Dan Amor – What’s In A Name (*session)
Total Massacre – Thoughts And Prayers
World Domination Enterprises – Paint The Curtains
Sue Denim – A+Covid+Romance
2 Sick Monkeys – Poppycock / B-Ward
Burnt Cross – Blissful Myth
House Of Ease – Tiger Duds
Armoured Flu Unit – The Ruin
Scotch Funeral – Bad Things Come In Threes (*session 2018)
Skinflick – The Year Of The Fuck
Tong Po – Power Games
Dan Amor – I See You (*session)
DaVincis – Thomas Wolfe
Falaun – These Walls Must Fall
Travolta – Anarcho Toilet Revolution
Elevant – Hide it Away
Dead Kennedys – Kepone Factory
Datblygu – Cymryd A Cyfan