Dirty Weekend (click for review)

05.08.2005 – Dirty Weekend (Day 1) at The Dudley, Rhyl, feat; Bankshot, Munkey Shuffle (review)
05.08.2002 – Pocket Venus play Dublin Castle, London and earlier record session for British Forces radio
05.08.2002 – Gabrielle Twenty Five play Maes B, St Davids
05.08.2002 – Infinity Chimp LP ‘ Sounds of Nant Benglog’ is released on Ankst
05.08.1996 – Ectogram LP ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Reggae’ is released on Ankst
05.08.1991 – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Datblygu, Eirin Peryglus play The Tiv, Buckley
05.08.1987 – Butthole Surfers, Darling Buds play Riverside Suite, Newport
05.08.1986 – Birthday of Jason Williams (Orient Machine)