Bolt Thrower
11.01.2011 – Thin Lizzy play Venue Cymru, Llandudno
11.01.2009 – Bastions debut session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show
11.01.2008 – Deadlight Spiral play debut gig at Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay
11.01.2007 – 105th Crud Cast is broadcast
11.01.2006 – Racketears, Jamie Cardno play Bar Blu, Rhyl with Der Bomber doing a jam session
11.01.2004 – Sammo Hung session broadcast on Adam Walton Show, BBC Radio Wales
11.01.2002 – Fudged, Dive, Floaters Revenge play New Inn, Rhyl
11.01.2002 – The 10th Gathering (The Alarm) is in Llandudno
11.01.2002 – John Peel plays Gabrielle Twenty Five on his R1 show
11.01.1997 – Mike Peters plays the 2nd night of The Gathering V at Llandudno Conference Centre
11.01.1991 – Bolt Thrower, Nocturnus, Benediction play Memorial Club, Wrexham
11.01.1989 – Journalist threatens Crud fanzine with libel action after he is falsely credited to writing an ‘obscene’ poem
11.01.1988 – The Alarm play Stockholm , Sweden