Legendary 1977 Rhyl punk band The Cellophane Boys have got together to record a single for the General Election…
It’s cover of fellow 1970s punk band The Toilets song ‘Lies’ (The Toilets went on to become The Alarm).

Simon Shaw says, ‘In 1977 I was in a band called The Cellophane Boys in ‘The Welsh Riviera’ seaside resort of Rhyl. It was here I first met Mike Peters and Nigel Phillips from punk band The Toilets. I’d seen Mike at the Sex Pistols Chester Quaintways gig the previous year and, I believe it’s true to say, it really did change both of our lives. We both went on to form bands within weeks and I had the pleasure of seeing The Toilets many times and even supporting them on one occasion.
‘Mike went on to form the mod band Seventeen and then The Alarm. The Toilets used to play a song called Lies which I always thought was a corker. With the election in the UK fast approaching I contacted Mike asking for his permission to make a few changes to his lyrics and to record our version of the song with original Cellophane Boy Steve Roberts and Trevor O’Malley on guitars, along with Jake on drums. He said go ahead and this was the result. This is for Russell Taylor (Woofer) who would have hated this – he didn’t like cover versions, and Tony (Tut).’