Katzenmusik is a project by Bangor’s Joe Shooman; when I say project, it’s almost a one-off. Although Joe has done a previous session for the show in a similar vein.
The former Vaffan Coulo member is now an author and rabid poet and big thanks for his session for the final show of 2019.

Slund – A Very Slundy Christmas
System Of Hate – There Is No Madness Here
Harrowed – Stark Terrors
Dense – Fever Dream
Diskobra – Krízis
Klammer – Baddest Blocks (*bonus session)
Katzenmusik – Golgotha (*session)
Glove – Sai Yeh (*archive session)
Kontakta – Blood Junkies
Kicking Seagulls – Regards Ray
Anhrefn – Sut Fedrwch Chi Anghofio
Derrero – Space Suction
Magic Bullet – Neil Crud On TudnoFM (*archive session)
BITTEN BY A COBRA – Prison Without Walls
Mud Dog – Exile
Strike Back – Pony Tail
Katzenmusik – Clix (*session)
Julia Fiedorczuk & Alan Holmes
Pizzatramp – There’s Been A Murder
Colossous – Seeds (Paul Hammond remix)
Dayglo Abortions – hide the hamster
Sonnet 13 – The Black Inside
Shitty Life – Clone Generation
Austerity – The City is Dead
Tongue Party – Clown Shoes
Katzenmusik – But Even Then (*session)
Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Clown
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Christmas In the Clink
Wonk Unit – Christmas In A Crackhouse
The Kids – My Shitty Christmas
Rabo de Toro – Atmosphere
Ruts – Society
Anti Nowhere League – Let’s Break The Law