Magic Bullet are from Knott End and they are an electro-experimental music project that started in October 2019. Mick Magic and Skit Zoyd currently have a handful of tracks on compilations, but expect to release their debut album early in 2020. What a great session..!! (check em out)

Rabo De Toro – Fake News Knobheads
Evil Blizzard – Nothing For Christmas
Overload – Violent Domestication
Cow – All My Friends Are Dead To Me
Mclusky – Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
Magic Bullet – Neil Crud On TudnoFM  (*live in session)
Entity – Fragments (*session)
Grand Collapse – Fragments
Lucta – POV
Ohyda – Kto To Jest?
Scotch Funeral – Ruthless
Sonnet 13 – Modern Me
Old Radio – On Your Own
Magic Bullet – Silent Night (*live in session)
Black Flag – Six Pack
Carbonari – Killing Ourselves
Haest – The Only Good Wham Is A Wham Bar
Scooter Kids Must Die – …and then you die!
Slund – A Trendy Sickness / Orange
Skinflick – Son Of God
Magic Bullet – MMATT  33 Crudup (*live in session)
Cellophane Boys – Lies
Dan Amor & Huw Owen – Mothers In Day-Glo
Tongue Party – Shithole
Code Break – On Hold
Bleached Heat – Bleakism I
Slund – A Trendy Sickness / Orange
Slund – A Trendy Sickness / Orange
Cannibal Animal – Simply Sinking