The Glitches
come from that chemical town in Anglesey called Amlwch and they glow brightly. Having formed from the dying embers of Valleum / Seagull Kinevil they are forging a way through the musical mire to bring us powerpack performances and cool songs… Here they are in session stripped down to their copper bones… Enjoy (that’s an order…)

Zombie Met Girl – Basement New Party Psychosis
Depraved State – Civilian
The Montagues – Calibrate (*session)
Dr & The Crippens – Enter The Garden
Bogans – Carnival of Souls
The Glitches – Amlwch (*session)
Entity – Opus
Overload – Noise
Sue Denim & Gon Von Zola – Angry
Chupa Cabra – Violent Urges
Grant Sharkey – Imagine A Sea Turtle (*session)
Out Of Use – Hard To Tell
Here Are The Young & Uncle Peanut – Standard Life
Pig/Control – Der Feind
Datblygu – Can i Gymry
Rats From A Sinking Ship – Loony Left
Cats & Crows – What If I’m You
Dayglo Abortions – Kill Johnny Stiff
The Glitches – Carousel (*session)
The Wasters – Nosebleed
Subhumans – Strange Land
Boycott The Baptist – Birthday Grindcore Song
Wendykurk – Violet Introspection
Restarts – 20 Years
The Stupids – Elephant Man
The Glitches – Pen Bler (*session)
Wonk Unit – Elbows
Mudhoney – Stab Your Back
UK Subs – Telephones Numbers
Extreme Noise Terror – Murder
Dan Amor – Y Ci