The Montagues formed eleven months ago in Rhyl and have forged a reputation for great live performances and strong songs. Hot on the heels of their new EP ‘Calibrate’, they have already played a live session on Sarah Wynne’s MonFM show – so it’s a pleasure to have them do the same on mine.
Check ’em out

Stranglers – Mean To Me
Crows – Crawling
Slund – Inbred Children
Code Break – Take Me Back
The Montagues – Nothing To Everything (*live in session)
The Ex – The Rise Of The Dutch Republic
Omegas – Lord And The Stud
Pink Room – Fitness
Battery Hens – Discharge
Discharge – Religion Instigates
The Montagues – Side To Side (*live in session)
Mangled Youth – No time For Me
The Glitches – Lazy Bones (bonus session track)
The Immediate – Yoko
Hamer – Speed Cap
Chugga – Serious & Satanic
Austerity – The City is Dead
Luv Dump – Existence is Futile
Yammerer – Airport
The Montagues – Calibrate (*live in session)
Oi Polloi – They Shoot Children
Le Enfant Terrible – Pleado Calvarga
Bogans – Close To Home
Overload – Lumpenprole
UK Subs – Papers Lie
The Bordellos – Hurting Kind
Eye Licker – Dumbstruck
Grindmother – History Repeats
Yr Cyrff – Yr Haint
Armoured Flu Unit – Spycop
Teeth Crack – Snake