Cats & Crows is a project by Ruthin’s Isaac Birchall. It’s a collective of one at the moment, but the ranks have swelled to as many as thirteen collaborators. So it was a pleasure to have him burst his lungs and break the windows of the TudnoFM studio. Hear Isaac’s three songs live in session along with ninety minutes of robust music right here, right now… (then check out the Cats & Crows Bandcamp page)

Cockney Rejects – Bad Man
Homespun – Badman
Property Damage – Austerity Kills
Eitha Da – Southern Fried Ruthin
Tystion – Crefydd Newydd
Cats & Crows – A Certain Kind (*live in session)
Overload – Noise
Slund – Everybody Dance Now
Hotel Et Al – Coma Commando
TJ Roberts –  Midnight Stores
Anhrefn – Crafwr
Pears – The Flu
Girl Band – Pears For Lunch
Cats and Crows – Wasting Time (*live in session)
Crippled Fox – Can I Speak My Mind
UK Subs – Dope Fiend
Bleached Heat – Substandard Sleep
Emissaries Of Syn – A Life Less Lethal
ISS – Workshopping
Problem Patterns – Mediocre Man
Cats and Crows – What If I’m You (*live in session)
Burnham Burnham – Polythene Bears
Harrowed – Confined
Vaaska – La Muerte Es La Paz
WUPT – Polish It Off!
Battery Hens – Techno Sex
Black Flag – Spray Paint
Human Junk – Stand In A Line
Fresh – Revenge
Chugga – Considerate Mosh
20 Racine – Crud’s Beach (*session)