Another week, another 90 minutes of ace music from places beyond the comfort zone….

Mucus – Misery Loo
Glitches – Draig Goch
Travolta – Anarcho Toilet Revolution
Scotch Funeral – Young At Heart & Falling Apart
Crapsons – No Festival Today
Bleached Heat – With Airs & Graces
Katastrof – Falska Leenden
Nil By Nose – Salmonella
Physique –  When All Hope Is Lost
CHUBBY AND THE GANG – All Along The Uxbridge Rd
Magic Bullet – MMATT 33 MASHUP [edit]
Vocabularinist – Ballad Of Multiple Phobias
Slund – Robin Is A Lame Sidekick
Priors – Destroyer
Anhrefn – Gwesty Cymru
Subhumans – Terrorist In Waiting
Throbbing Gristle – Something Came Over Me
Dogsflesh – Broken Britain
Mike West – Work On (*session Sep 18)
Entity – Determination
Marble Molly – The Hardest Part
Intercourse – With An Asshole Like An Ashtray
ISS – Mac N Me
Fay Ray – Heatwave
Skiplickers – Reality
The Plainviews – Shirley Bassey
The Tazers – Wake Up
The Restarts – Shut Doors
Armoured Flu Unit – This Machine Kills Fascists
The Power Of Violence – Toilet Reflection
Hack Job – Skeksis Fight
Rabo De Toro – Fake News Knobheads