No session on the show tonight – just 90mins of the purest filth your ears can hope to endure…
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Chugga – PG Tip Stomp
The Cox – Nailbomb The Dancefloor
Chugga – Serious And Satanic
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Brick
Lullaby For A Unicorn – Alan Raiders
Rubber Room – Chemical Imbalance
Katastrof – Sista Dagen
Queen Zee – Victim Age
Slund – Hatred
The Dry Retch – Big Time Bum
Heavy Lungs – A Bit Of A Birthday
Eye Licker – The Safeword Is ‘Harder’
Grant Sharkey – The Brexit Song
Girls In Synthesis – Smarting
Insect Terror – 2.7
MRI – Need Me
Blitzkrieg – Conspiracy
Adventures Of Salvador – Prettier Than You
The Domestics – Maximum Hell
Jodie Faster – I Like Rain
Kim Hon – Nofio’r Efo Fishis
Jawstruck – Peace Thru Pain
Dave Tattum – Rich Man Blues
Depraved State – Civilian
Pisscharge – Bolsonazi
Klammer – Being Boiled
The Wasters – Anti Freeze
Argh Kid – Riot
The Immediate – Sing Your Songs (*session)
White Ether – Death Of A Lonely Tyrant
Llyn Y Cwn – Gribin