Some Time Today from Liverpool travel to our beautiful shores to play an acoustic live session. Check out their full-blooded electric stuff here.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 147
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Guests – Some Time Today
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

KLAMMER – Being Boiled
Skiplickers – Destroyers
Rubber Room – Demonic Possession
Some Time Today – Tinerella (*live in session)
St Pierre Snake Invasion – The Safety Word Is Oklahoma
Kicking Seagulls – Regards Ray
Scotch Funeral – Bad Things Come In Threes (*archive session)
Septic Tank – Social Media Whore
Endless Swarm – Ecclefechan
Jo Normal – The New BAD
Some Time Today – Another Way (*live in session)
Sonnet 13 – The Fallen
Dead Kennedys – One Way Ticket To Pluto
Gintis – We Had Plans
Kringer & The Battle Katz – disOBEYed
Crapsons – Who’ll Babysit The Goths
Daniel Williamson – Horizons
SORE TEETH – Let’s Start A Riot
The Bordellos – Smack, Crack & Iggy Pop
Some Time Today – Where The Sun Don’t Show (*live in session)
The Stupids – Terrordome Yokohama
The Domestics – Chest Pains
Red or Dead – Decontrol
Ectogram – Elliot’s Violet Hour
Stalled Minds – Underground
Thee Windom Earles – Sex Pizzeria
Elevant – Last Man Standing
2 Sick Monkeys – Public Relations
Blanchard – Paintbrushes
Some Time Today – Rabbits (*live in session)
Kela Topan – Retreat
Ona Snop – Theremin Cutler
The Vega Bodegas – Monkey Ate The Monkey
Pizzatramp – Millions Of Dead Goths
Cane Toads – A Strange Way Of Travelling (*archive session)
Dehumanise – Never Forgive