Cheeky boys from across the Mersey, Crapsons are back on TudnoFM and once again bang on form as they smashed out 5 songs live in the studio. Unfortunately I forgot to press record for their opening song Jee Wizz so we join the show about 15 minutes in…
Listen to the whole show (well, most of it) below and hear their forthcoming single Who’ll Babysit The Goths which, is apparently coming out soon on link2wales records!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 146
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Guests – Crapsons
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Zombie Dub – Zombie Dub
Datblygu – Can I Gymry
Protruders – Poison Future
Crapsons – Jee Wizz (*live in session)
Die Spangle – RIP
Delinquents – Sober On Sunday
Hopewell Ink – Gentle Men (Long Version)
Seize The Day – Ham and Cheese
Skiplickers – Noisy Neighbours
Keys – Black And White
Crapsons – Who’ll Babysit The Goths (*live in session)
Pizzatramp – Millions Of Dead Goths
Celavi – Exspiravit
Rudimentary Peni – Inside
Ffug – Cariad Dosbarth Canol Cymru
Global Parasite – Smash The New World Order
Stuntface – TV Told You So
Eitha Da – Strange Harvest
Stuck In A Rut – Faith Defiler
Panic In The Year Zero – Sometimes I Don’t Know
Crapsons – The Snowflake Society (*live in session)
Carnage – Sadistic Molester
Anno Omega – È Già La Fine Per Noi ?
TVAM –  Narcissus
John Lawrence – Death
Gee Tee – HSS
Colossus – Get It On Ynys Mon
Endless Swarm – Two Chances
Kraut – Army Sport
Marble Molly – Somethin’ Good (*session)
Crapsons – Shed Talk (*live in session)
Crapsons – Hide & Seek (*live in session)
Kentucky AFC – Bodlon
Hellfire Devilles – Cadavar Stomp
Manikineter – Bulldogging
Cut – Awesome
Some Time Today – Another Day
Eastfield – Grica Hate