Marble Molly hail from Prestatyn and have released their first of a series of monthly singles (download only) called Somethin’ Good which you can get from all the usual digital platforms. Adam and Paz from the band called in for their second session for the show… Enjoy…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 145
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Guests – Marble Molly
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Rotten Love – You Make Me Twitch
Tuning – Murphy, It’s You
HABITS – Casualties (*session)
Marble Molly – Somethin’ Good (*live in session)
OVERLOAD – Chemical Lobotomy
Dië Spanglë – Fear Ikea
Rash Decision – Buzzsaw Tomahawk
John Lawrence – Blank Canvas
Ona Snop – Upset About the Truth
Marble Molly- Elephants (*live in session)
Baby Brave – Baby Behave
Casual Nausea – Zombie
Picture Frame Seduction – Maximum Rock n Roll
St Pierre Snake Invasion – Casanovacaine
Mclusky – KKKitchens, What Were You Thinking?
Marble Molly – Saw The Light (*live in session)
Travolta – Shhhht
DJ Krizz – Geister
Delian Pool – Cool Enough
Killdren – Blood Runs Blue
The Kids – I Just Wanna Be Happy
Ugly Fashion – Public God
Detergents – General Public
Marble Molly – The Hardest Part (*live in session)
Skiplickers – DEAF
Sievehead – Energy
Bordellos – Desperate Man
Clean Shirts – Wild In The Streets
Circle Jerks – Wild In The Streets
Ferro Solo – Got Me A Job
Nothing Clean – What I Do
Eyesore & The Jinx – On An Island
Martyn Peters – Tomorrow (*session)
System Of Hate – Your God Is Dead
Nothing Clean – What I Do
Hopewell Ink – Gentle Men
The Physicists – Ballad of Broken
Crapsons – Jee Wizz