Neil Crud was out of the country and asked that Mark Watson-Jones & Garry Davies of TudnoFM’s sporadic Broken Jukebox Show hosted for the evening. What a pair of twats!

Ripcord – Aim To Please
Friendship – Hatred
Peter 118 – Seven
Mwstard – Uphill Struggle
Moscow Death Brigade – Boltcutter
This Is Not A Drill – Hysteria Hypocrisy Lies
Martyn Peters – This City
Crapsons – Checking Into A&E (*session)
SickOnes – Destructive Escapism
Eat The Evidence – Fruit Of The Loot
Red Or Dead – I Am The Fire
Saxon – They Played Rock N Roll
Apologies, I Have None – Wraith
100 Year Old Man – The Forest
Atterkop – Picket Fence
Killdren – Designed To Fail
Pizzatramp – CCTV
Five The Hierophant – Vampire
Rats From A Sinking Ship – Katie Fucking Hopkins
Crapsons – You Don’t Know When You’re Going To Die (*session)
The Restarts – They’re On To You
Ovo – Satanam
Dawn Ray’d – Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness
Kalloused – The Swinging Man
Ceremony – Kersed
Anti Gama – Empty Paths
Hoof – Petty Thieves
JK Flesh – PI04.1(4)