30.06.2015 – Jessica Ball, Andrew Stokes & Jason Williams acrimoniously left Gobow
30.06.2012 – Attila The Stockbroker, Declan Swans, Rory Ellis play Saith Seren, Wrexham
30.06.2006 – Skindred play Tivoli, Buckley
30.06.2004 – Swallows + Jaded Youth play Bar Blu, Rhyl
30.06.1995 – GMX Stuns play Bistro, Rhyl
30.06.1995 – Ectogram, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci & Prolapse play Roadhouse, Manchester
30.06.1995 – Blyth Power play Telfords Warehouse, Chester
30.06.1994 – Life of Agony play The Tiv, Buckley
30.06.1993 – Comsat Angels play Tivoli, Buckley
30.06.1992 – Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials release debut 7″ Stuart on TLC recs
30.06.1989 – Neil Crud splits 4Q, Cumi Pants vows to continue the band with no original members
30.06.1988 – Headlines in Weekly News read ‘Punk Is Unrepentant’ over the Crud shoplifting issue.
30.06.1988 – Pioneer also reads; ‘Crud Hits Back’ with a photo of Neil Crud & Cumi Pants trying to look hard (pic)
30.06.1987 – The 1st of hundreds of newspaper publicity shots of 4Q appears in The Pioneer (pic above)
30.06.1987 – The old cinema in Colwyn Bay due for demolition is squatted by partying punks, police surround the building but are powerless to act (article)
30.06.1985 – The Alarm play Brixton Academy with Well Loaded
30.06.1981 – The Alarm play The Stables, St Asaph