20.09.2018 – Rabo De Toro, The Immediate, Dilation played The Skerries, Bangor (review)
20.09.2017 – Krank, Baltimore Gun Club, Spam Javelin play Rascals, Bangor (review)
20.09.2014 – Wobbly Hearts play Zanzibar, Liverpool
20.09.2009 – 157th Crud Cast is broadcast with Steve Sync and Tim Griff as guests
20.09.2009 – Neil Crud hosts a show on Punks’n’Studs podcast
20.09.2008 – The Dirty Weekend punk festival held at Hendre Hall, Bangor headlined by Discharge
20.09.2006 – Hot Puppies start 10-date tour with Pipettes at B’ham Junction
20.09.2006 – Gig Cancelled at Bar Blu, Rhyl – The Cigars, Soundview, Old Dolphin Brigade
20.09.2001 – Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci broadcast live from Peel Acres on Radio One