Aftermath of a PSST gig

01.08.2010 – The Hunters session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show
01.08.2008 – Super Furry Animals play Standon Calling, Standon, London
01.08.2005 – Rasal Recs rel retrospective Best of Topper CD
01.08.2004 – Xms3 + Glen UK + Mishap play Offas Tavern, Prestatyn
01.08.2001 – Llwybr Llaethog’s 3rd John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
01.08.1999 – Half Man Half Biscuit, Box of Frogs play West Shore Social, Llandudno
01.08.1997 – Super Furry Animals play Pesda Roc, Bethesda
01.08.1992 – ‘Sounds From The Playground’ festival in Rhyl hosts Family Gotown, Anhrefn, Ocean Rane, Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials, Flourescent Daydream
01.08.1990 – Fflaps 2nd John Peel Session broadcast on Radio 1
01.08.1980 – Seventeen play Carnegie Arts Centre, Warrington
01.08.1967 – Birthday of Iwan Pryce, guitarist with U Thant