No session for this week’s show after Kela Topan couldn’t make it.  This gave me the opportunity to feature the excellent compilation 4-CD box set celebrating 20 years of Boss Tuneage Records.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 99
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Featured label – Boss Tuneage **
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Didjits – Agent 99
Glove – Escalator (*archive session)
Overload – Burden
Bitter Youth – Walk Away
Steakknife – Parallel Universe Of The Dead**
Colossous – Seeds
Eye Licker – Russian Roulette
Cry – Labcoats
Pandemix – Exit Strategy**
Violet – Feel
Nosebleed – I’m Okay
Radio Europa – Scattered Transmissions From The Fuzz Sewer
Morvo – Puppets
Thousand Rivals – Moonlight
Twisted Ankle – My Bird
Cowboy Killers – Poor Me**
20 Racine – Trencherman’s Tale
Beta Blockers – Your Insurance Is High (Deep Heat)
Eitha Da – Southern Fried Ruthin
Cold Meat – Lazy Anarchy
CUT – Sister Guillotine
Sectioned – Annihilate
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Mine’s A Pint
Wife – Arabian Veneers
Deckchair Protest – Honey Drip (*archive session)
Hard-Ons – One Chord Wonders**
Paul Hammond – Bastardized
Benjamin Mason – Sue Kelele
K-Line – Count It Down**
Gintis – The Waltzer Song
The Shitty Limits – Swallowed Whole**
Flesh Velvet – 27?
Wanton Thought – Cruelest Joke**
Soundwire – We Rise (Thighpaulsandra mix)
2 Sick Monkeys – The Doomy Punk Song / No Brakes
Teeth Crack – Mozgus (11th Hour)
Daudyflin – Nidstong
Falcons – Breathe In