Llandudno’s Deckchair Protest have just released a new EP ‘Honey Drip’ so it was only polite of me to bring them in off the streets to perform a live session. Their second for the show having graced the carpet in November 2016. They’re such a great band as you’ll hear from the session and also from their recorded output.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 98
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Guests – Deckchair Protest (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

CUT – The One Who Waits
Deckchair Protest – Outside (*live in session)
CUT – Go Bang
Crapsons – YDKWYGTD
Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table
Eitha Da – Gefeilliad
Beta Blockers – The Taste
Cold Meat – Boys Riot
John Lawrence – Cold Rumba
Deckchair Protest – Waterproof (*live in session)
The Glitches – Compromise
Sleep Beggar – In Your Absence
The Wobbly Hearts – Boom On (With God On My Side)
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – To Be Frank
Rope – Human Resource
Deckchair Protest – Honey Drip (*live in session)
OVERLOAD – Godkiller
HABITS – Broken Glass Blues
Lana del Rabies – Vicious End
Dauðyflin – Ofbeldi
Colossous – Seeds
Huw Owen & Dan Amor – Ym-ym-ai-ia
The Kids – School
Aurbennig – Comments Disabled Washi
The Terminal Voyeurs – Colony
Natterers – Exist Or Live
Paul Hammond – Bastardized
Julia Fiedorczuk & Alan Holmes – Psalm 8
The Bordellos – I Hate Pink Floyd (*session)
Emissaries of Syn – Ich Dien Nicht
Eye Licker – Clean Out Of The Way
Property Damage – Get Off My Back
Adwaith – Newid
Warwick Hunt – Another Prick In The Wall
Incisions – Mexican Jail
Orient Machine – Hecktor