It was high time we roped The Bordellos back into recording another session for us. The St Helens band are so prolific with their output and the quality is incredible! They create a trashed out anti-music sound that is so endearing! Check out their Bandcamp page.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 97
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Guests – The Bordellos (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Alarm – Cease & Desist
Crapsons – YDKWYGTD
Grand Collapse – Though Bloodshot & Blurry
The Bordellos – I Hate Pink Floyd (*session)
Leon Vegas – Here To Stay
Eitha Da – That Mountain Is Evil, That Mountain Is Yours
The Physicists – I Love Brad Song
Cult Of Free Love – Transcendence
Pardon Us – Carry On
James PM Phillips – Give Me Wings
Mank – Mercurochrome [mashed with below]
Julia Fiedorczuk & Alan Holmes – Psalm 10
CUT – You Killed Me First
Terminal Voyeurs – Colony
SSS – Warhorse
The Bordellos – Arthur Lee (*session)
Deckchair Protest – Outside
Property Damage – Austerity Kills
Rebecca Riots – Kolcats
3 Minute Warning – Faithless
Racketears – Icicles
Rash Decision – Bullet Torn Frenulum
Glove – Saiyeh (*archive session)
The Bordellos – He Misses Those Days Of Poofs & Birds (*session)
Mwstard – Jiffy Hoof [half of it..!]
Flesh Velvet – 27?
S.H.I.T – Masochism
F.I.T.S – Rue
Mwstard – Jiffy Hoof
Down & Outs – What Did You Do In The Culture Wars?
The Fag Machine – Salt-Lick
Spectralate – Attic Salt
Salt The Snail – Spanish Announce Table
Saltwater Injection – Vinegar
Natterers – War Whoop
Paul Henshaw – Declare Shenanigans (*archive session)
The Bordellos – Hurting Kind (*session)
Eye Licker – X
Paul Hammond – Ugly Mug
Soundstate – Backstabber
Gay Baby – Punk Spac