No session tonight – which is always weird as I have nothing to segment the two hours – just a full hit of unadulterated anti-fun.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 95
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Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Glitches – Compromise
Flux Of Yellow Daisies – Track 2
Braindead – Hamburg Gegen Gewalt
Soundstate – The Face Of Rock n Roll
Limp Wrist – Cruisin’ At The Show
Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Strip
Glove – Escalator (*session)
Crapsons – YDKWYGTD
Paul Henshaw – You Really Just Want To Be Me
Natterers – We Are Their Cattle
Puzzle – Cut Short
Pardon Us – Carry On
Down And Outs – Shot
Julia Fiedorczuk / Alan Holmes – Psalm 8
Datblygu – Mwnci Efo Crach
The Dead Pets – Problem Child
F.i.t.s – Men
Adwaith – Newid
mr huw – Llosgfynyddoedd
Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table
28 Costumes – The Fake Death Experience
Project Youth – Bitli Piyade
S.H.I.T – Collective Unconsciousness
Ben Mason – Mumma Husk
The Cult of Free Love – Transcendence
DELINQUENTS – Valentine’s Day
TV CRIME – Hooligans
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man -The Family
Omaloma – Bubblegum
Super Fast Girlie Show – Stand Up
Kentucky AFC – Diferu
Dead Subverts – Dismember
Wife – Heck
Unhealthy – Goddam Ninjas
Pizzatramp – Social Chlamedia
Mank – Kundalini
Bisch Nadar – Grate
ISOR – If I had A Clue I Wouldn’t Need Crosswords
Lusca – Promise Of Sleep