Wow… That was ace.. What a great session… Full of energy and passion… Glove are a two-piece that just happened… Stephanie Finegan and Hannah Slosilver commute between Bangor and Manchester and sometimes meet in the middle. Llandudno, tonight was the middle. Keep an eye and ear out for gigs and releases in the very near future.  (website)

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 95
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Guests – Glove (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Paul Hammond – Fade To Grey (feat; Martin Degville)
Global Parasite – Herd Cull
The Thinking Men – I Wanna Be Good
Pizzatramp – Blind Fingers Washington
Glove – Tidal (*live in session)
Eitha Da – Southern Fried Ruthin
Spectralate – By The Time I Get To Pentrefoelas
Paul Henshaw – Declare Shenanigans (*session)
Wife – Arabian Veneer
The Bordellos – Star Crossed Radio (*session)
Glove – Ctrl Alt Del (*live in session)
Deny the Cross – Bacteria Tribute
Raised Fist – Different But The Same
RAISK – Jenkki
Flux Of Yellow Daisies – Track 1
Datblygu – Gwlad Ar Fy Nghefn
Glove – Saiyeh (*live in session)
Soundstate – The Face of Rock n Roll
Glove – Escalator (*live in session)
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – A Hundred Years Of The Street
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Hundred Years A Day
Flat Back Four – Hundred Years
Y Niwl – Trideg Un
Bad Tattoo – Won’t Somebody Please Think Of The Children
Salt the Snail – Spanish Announce Table
DJ Sid & Kan Waken – 2012 Songmix
Agathocles – Bakar Kantor Polisi
Slightly Les Infected – Infected Idiots
Grabyourface – 1LLNES$ / L3PR0Sy (Skinflick mix)
Gintis – Every Time It Rains (*session)
Aüralskit – Eradicate
Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Dark Horse
John Evans – Coming Home
Pardon Us – Goodnight Adam 12

C h e m U s e r s
 – I’m Sorry
Sunken – A Solemn Initiation