Paul Henshaw up until a fortnight ago was an unknown entity to me. Having relocated from Shrewsbury to Prestatyn last year, he has made a living for himself on the crusty-riot-folk-punk circuit as a solo performer and also with The Scientific Simpletons (among others). So it is a pleasure to introduce him into fold of the locale. The results were excellent, as you’ll hear… (website)


Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 94
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Guest – Paul Henshaw (live session)
Gift – Paul Henshaw & The Scientific Simpletons – Fishing For Owls CD
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Wife – Heck
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Mark E Smith’s Still Doing The Fall
Imperial Leisure – Creeper
Paul Henshaw – Wild Turkey (*live in session)
Career Suicide – Distractions
Y Diwwygiad – Wenglish
Salt The Snail – Spanish Announce Table
Dead Houses – Like To Know
California Cult Crap – Kill All Humans
Dead Church – Bleak
Star Fucking Hipsters – Media Person
Brainshit – Mass Incarceration
Los Blancos – Datgysylltu
Paul Henshaw – You Really Just Want To Be Me (*live in session)
Sunken – Sunken
Paul Hammond – Ugly Mug
Soundstate – Backstabber
Paul Henshaw – Declare Shananigans (*live in session)
Pizzatramp – Booze Kruise
Paul Henshaw – I’ll Never Be A Pirate (*live in session)
The Lizzies – Down
Meinhof – Razor Blade
Chem Users – Bones (Reprise)
Leon Vegas – Here To Stay
Eitha Da – Southern Fried Ruthin
Bad Tattoo – Drinking On The Job
Kurtz – Eprom Song
Y Ffug – O Fewn Fy Hunan
John MOuse – The King & Jesus Ganged Up On Me
Yards – War Tourist
The Bordellos – Looking For A Hit
Petrol Bastard – Shoot The Dog
Dan Amor – Brehines Y Tonnau
Red Or Dead – Never Again
Burning Flag – Carly