20 Racine are a sound to behold… How could something this good have partly come out of Rhyl!?
Listen to a repeat of their recent session along with two hours of wholesome music for pleasure.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 92
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Guests – 20 Racine (repeat session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Three Minute Warning – Bob’s Vest
Ectogram – Ebargofiant
Racketears – Get Out
Pizzatramp – The Idiots Guide To The Internet
Red Or Dead – Living In A Life
Yucatan – Lle Ti Di Bod
20 Racine – Icy People (*repeat session)
Nothing Clean – Self Help
The Bronsons – Slip In Your Skin
Mothcob – Goose Abuse
Mr Huw – Llosgynyddoedd
Jeffro – Rhifyn Di-Dda
Devour – Barriers
Paul Hammond – Old Hag
Fudged – Cheat
20 Racine – Mysterious Blue (*repeat session)
Coolzey – The Bombing Of Afghanistan I
ISOR – A Short Guide To Retaining Integrity Whilst Asking For Your Shoe Back
Mank – Amygdala
Animal Train – Thin Thread
Texas Radio Band – Chwaraeon (Bwtleg)
James Phillips – Majorie Says
Who Killed Nancy Johnson? – Dark Horse
Teenage Mafia – 15 Horses In Your Haven
Evil Blizzard – Clones
Mala Racha – Hora De Pagar
20 Racine – Little Girl (*repeat session)
Discharge – Mania For Conquest
The Immediate – Birds Of A Feather
Exit International – Sex /w Strangers
David Wrench – World War IV
Steel Trees – I’m A Wreck(ed)
Zombina & The Skeletones – Nobody Loves You When You’re Dead
Agathocles – Ergos Thanatos
Carpet – Balloona
The Blue-Eyed Shark Experiment – Tapdance
Paradox – Consume / Pray
20 Racine – Z (*repeat session)
Eastfield – The Black Hole
Amicable Rebels – Connah’s Quay