Penmachno’s Red Or Dead have just released their debut album ‘Trotsky Waltz‘ so it was a no brainer to invite them back onto the show for a live session. They’ve been a three-piece and a six-piece, but now seem to have settled on being Gala, Rob, Emma and Dave. Together they play protest folk-punk that is gaining them plaudits on a daily basis. Long may it continue…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 90
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Guests – Red Or Dead
Gift – ‘Trotsky Waltz’ CD
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Seagull Kinevil – Black Lemons
Kardomah Gang – Turkey (Acid Mix)
Colossous – Devil Eyes
Joe Hovis – Hilda’s Philosophy
White Hills – Spirit Of Exile
Red Or Dead – I Am The Fire (*live in session)
Sick Of It All – Blown Away
The Bordellos – Perfect Time To Die
Skitvarld – Escape From Palestine
Dedicate – Relief
Abominate – Stress
Red Or Dead – Living In A Life (*live in session)
Jonny Dowd – Red River Valley
Tear Of The Red Eye – Everything Is Hopeless When You’re Grey (*archive session)
SickOnes – I Don’t Exist
Black Volvo – Punkrock Family
Black Moth – Pig Man
Red Or Dead – In America (*live in session)
The Attack – Created By Clive
Red Or Dead – Make A Stand (*live in session)
Killdren – Empires Will Crumble
Winnebago Deal – Two Minute Warning
Oizone – Love Me For Reason
Paul Hammond – Mental Void (Vental Moiderer Skinflick mix)
Jives Room – Sega Tizer
Slightly Less Infected – Just In Case You’re Racist
John MOuse – Gladiator / Contender
Doppelganger – Count Your Fingers
Army Of Crows – God Within
Pink Diamond Revue – Miss Lonely Hearts (Psyche Mix)
Kurtz – The Verse
The Physicists – Sleaze Campaign
Candythief – Today
Manifest – Be The Best
Los Blancos – Datgysylltu