Scotch Funeral is Adam James of Rhyl… Although now based in Manchester ‘you can take the lad out of Rhyl etc…’ His grating, yet great voice is equally matched by his great, yet grating songs and tonight we had a couple of exclusives from his forthcoming EP ‘The Screaming Moon’ (on Da Iawn Recs Oct 25th). Check out his excellent back catalogue on bandcamp 
This is Scotch Funeral’s second session for the show…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 124
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Guest – Scotch Funeral
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Crapsons – Kings Of The Council Estate
The Chillingtons – Telephone
UK SUBS – Telephone Numbers
Scotch Funeral – The Bar On Half Moon Street (*live in session)
Carpet – Meat
The Rebecca Riots – Tension
Lolfa Binc – Twitching
Chron Gen – Jet Boy Jet Girl
Chugga – Serious & Satanic
Chugga – Serious & Satanic
Scotch Funeral – Weak At The Knees *(live in session)
FALSE FLAG – Docile Body
Mike West – For Them (*session)
Yards – War Tourist
Bastardhammer – Sloppy Firsts
Springfield Elementary – Ready Salted Psychopath
Pyw Dall – Carreg Cerdded
Brian Bordello – Eddie Cochran
Anhrefn – Dawns Y Duwai
Colossous – Y Wrach Robotig
Hoax – Fit For Work
Dilation – My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me (*session)
Forever In Debt – Chewing Bees
COW – Happy Birthday
Piss Kitti – Kitti Litta
Piss Exorcist – Bad Knee
Silk – Extra
Eye Licker – The Safeword Is Harder
Scotch Funeral – Never See me Again (*live in session)
2 Sick Monkeys – These Are The Things That Don’t Seem Like Fun To Me
Scotch Funeral – Bad Things Come In Threes (*live in session)
MAINES – Malkovich
Blanchard – Salem’s Lot
Lullaby for a Unicorn – Alan’s Raiders
The Infested – Scapegoat
Skinflick – In God We Thrust
Dataslaves – Apathy Reigns
Scotch Funeral – Move With The Tide (*live in session)
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Part Time Punk