Well, what can I say… I was pre-warned about booking Salt The Snail (in a good way). Their live shows are a maelstrom of anarchy, slap-stick and a barrage of tunes. This live session was no different and I can honestly say I know no record of a band actually starting a song live on the radio only to stop it to take a phone call for a pizza delivery to the studio! Add also when the singer takes out the drummer with a flying kick during the last song and you might get half the picture!!
Anyway enjoy the session – I certainly did..!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 118
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Guests – Salt The Snail
Gift – Inflatable Nemo (won as the star prize)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Peter 118 – Seven
Merciless Savage – Foundation
Y Cyrff – Yr Haint
Dead Houses – Greys
System Of Hate – There Is No Madness Here
Salt The Snail – Big Dog (*live in session)
dragSTER – Spit It Out
John Evans & The Imperials – Whole Man
Midnight Climax – Spasmic Life
The Bordellos – Johnny Petrol
Salt The Snail – All Hell (*live in session)
Dense – Irreversible Knot
Cheap Surgery – Live On Me
Skellums – Deeside Day Ticket (*session)
Salt The Snail – Lazer Quest (*live in session)
Haest – I Didn’t Throw A Single Stone And I Still Got Pissed On
Dataslaves – Apathy Reigns
Nameless – Drinking Hell Dry
Terry & The Supercools – You & I
Salt The Snail – Dead Enders (*live in session)
Occult Punk Gang – Societa
Kardomah Gang – Tame
Sid’s Kids – Not Enough Time
Sona – Save
Salt The Snail – Coffee (*live in session)
Salt The Snail – Maate (*live in session)
SPIC – Wasting Time
The Vega Bodegas – A Complete History Of Witchcraft
Picture Frame Seduction – Hey Little Rich Boy
Salt The Snail – Ideas Me (*live in session)
Salt The Snail – Spanish Announce Table (*live in session)
Anhrefn – Am Unwaith Yn Dy Fywyd
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Scared
T.S.O.L – Wasted
Ruts – Society
West Coast Sick Line – Have You Ever Been To The North?
Candelas – O! Mor Effeithiol
Stuntface – TV Told You So