Sometimes the best intentions fall flat on their face… I had hoped to repeat the recent live session from Hopewell Ink but I managed to leave the hard drive with it on at home. This would not have mattered anyway as there was a technical failure at the station, which meant only CDs could be played… I had brought six with me… Thankfully one was the new compilation album The Best of Anti-Pop Records, which filled the majority of this ad-hoc show.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 115
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Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Exoskeletons – Kuiper
White Ether – Red Sky
Drellas – Cash Converters
Paul Henshaw – I Declare Shenanegans
Flat Back Four – The Kinky World Of Gavin Hibbert’s Dad
Sweet Deals On Surgery – 100% Hitler Free
Bolshy – Ignorance Is Strength
Grant Sharkey – The Useful Idiots (If I Were Vladimir Putin)
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Marcel Duchamp
White Ether – Selling Wales
Boycott The Baptist – Minor Threat
Old Radio – On Your Own
Paul Henshaw – You Really Just Want To Be Me
The Vermin Suicides – Banzai
Exoskeletons – Show
Carl Moorcroft – Judgement
White Ether – Liar Liar
Super Fast Girlie Show – Roller Derby (Stole My Baby)
Grant Sharkey – The Super-Safe Super Safety Song For Broadcast On Commercial Radio (for Neil Crud On TudnoFM)
The Dead Class – Best Fighter In Town
Sweet Deals On Surgery – Elvis Costello Is A Wanker
A Werewolf – When You Are Ron You Are On Your Own
White Ether – The Man Who Wasn’t There
Riggots – Be Resolute
BITE BACK – Dangerous Minds
The Mighty Bossmags – White Limousine
Exoskeletons – Holes
Saltwater Injection – Sexual Adventure
Undertones – My Perfect Cousin
Cut – Too Late
Stiff Little Fingers – Straw Dogs
The Stranglers – Something Better Change