Having watched Crapsons live at Liverpool Calling Festival over the weekend and learning that they and their friends also organised the whole event, it was quite fitting to repeat their recent live session. The session, like the gig was frantic and furious, which is just how we like it. (bandcamp)

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 114
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Guests – Crapsons (repeat live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Bogans – (Redacted)
Mike West – Work On
Crapsons – Checking In To A&E (*session)
Pat Butcher – Conservative Crop Circles
Hot Water – Get Lost
Klammer – Spiral Girl
Genod Droog – Bomiwch Y Byd
Bomb Everything – Offer Me Your Mouth
Lost Avenue – Reinvent Yourself
The Riotears – Hatesong
The Racketears – Tundra Boy
Misconduct – Wasted Life Part 2
Crapsons – Rapunzel (*session)
Elevant – Rounding Error
Deafness By Noise – Work Eat Sleep Repeat
The Immediate – Unrequited
Sweet Deals On Surgery – Rohypnol’d At A Family Do
Hüsker Dü – Guns At My School
Crass – Chairman Of The Bored
Cold Meat – Maternity Stomp
Thousand Rivals – Moonlight
Crapsons – Kings Of the Council Estate (*session)
Cockpit – Weirdos
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Encore Encore (demo version)
White Feather Kiss – The Machinations Of Joy
Forever In Debt – Rabbit Hole
Nothing Clean – Rapid Eye
1987tilpresent – Head2Joes *session)
Glove – Saiyeh (*session)
John Lawrence – Hurt (*session)
Crapsons – YDKWYGTD (*session)
GULAG BEACH – Church Of The Clear
Wife – Arabian Veneers
Death of Youth – Kaputt
MC Mabon – People Are So Stupid
dragSTER – Anti Everything
Crapsons – Scallies (*session)
Alcohol Licks – No Means No
Scarred Society – Trigger Finger
Exoskeleton – House Of Disappearing Bricks