Neal Smith of Llanelwy was born in 1987 hence his trading name 1987 Til Present. Last year he released the ‘Letters To Past’ album and had a pre-recorded session aired on this show. So it was good to get him in the TudnoFM to perform in the flesh. Check out his recorded work here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 113
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Guest – 1987 Til Present (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Morvo – Motorviolence
Pat Butcher – Conservative Crop Circles
Hot Water – Get Lost
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – E To The V To The I To The L
Evil Blizzard – Laughing Gas
1987 Til Present – Roseanna (*Live In Session)
Coltsblood – Ever Decreasing Circles
Insufferable – Hail
Chugga – Cup Of Tea
Anonymous Iconoclasts – Tomatoes
Purple X – Doomsday
Groak – Trichobezoar
Crapsons – Checking In To A&E (*session)
1987 Til Present – Head2joes (*Live In Session)
Nothing Clean – Zero
Nothing Clean – Contrarian
Candelas – O! Mor Effeithiol
Emissaries Of Syn – Invested Interest
Los Blancos – Cadi
1987 Til Present – Chasing Your Thoughts (*Live In Session)
Blazing Eye – No One knows
Tremolo Ghosts – Toes In The Atlantic
1987 Til Present – Flashbacks To Maths Class (*Live In Session)
Mueran Humanos – Culpable
Herd Mover – Negative Creep
Red Or Dead – UK Publicity Machine
Drop Dead Dan – I Wanna Be (Idol)
Iron Witch – Salvation Trough Nothing
The Blunders – Something Your Mum Said
The Blinders – Gotta Get Through
New Columbia – Under My Skin
Alex Dingley – Between The Sheets
Warchild – Children Of The Atom Bomb
John Lawrence – Imbolc
Lucta – Schermo
Lusca – Between The Storm And Salt
Cockpit – All Cops Are Horny
Herd Mover – The Lizard, The Head, The Enigma
Dharma Violets – Awake For A Reason (Slamfish Mix)