After the demise of Wrexham’s Pink Killer rose White Feather Kiss. They emerged late last year and very recently released the very excellent and beautifully digipackaged CD EP ‘Elephant’s Graveyard.’
Alistair from the band was kind enough to play a live session on the show… Despite the songs being about death and despair, they were quite uplifting..!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 112
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Guests – White Feather Kiss (live session)
Gifts – ‘Elephants Graveyard EP’ and WFK badge
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

The Pennysows – Dych Chi’n Nabod Dewi Rhys Jones
Big Leaves – Hwyrnos
Armoured Flu Unit – This Machine Kills Fascists
White Feather Kiss – Machinations Of Joy (*live in session)
Hung Like Hanratty – Thatcher
Vomit – Question Time
Potential Victims – Even The Score
John Lawrence – Imbolc
White Feather Kiss – Don’t Catch A Falling Knife (*live in session)
Idles – Colossous
Colossous – Platform 9
Lusca – Promise Of Sleep
White Feather Kiss – Funereal (*live in session)
Denim & Leather – Grave 99
White Feather Kiss – Cold Ground (*live in session)
Cold Meat – Boys Riot
Chugga – Lego Bricks
Alun Tan Lan – Can Beic
Defcon Zero – Braindead
BrainDead – Soy, Not Oi
20 Racine – Crud’s Beach (*session)
Carnage – Sadistic Molester
Winebago – Unarddeg Dyn i Lawr
Emissaries Of Syn – A Life Less Lethal
Pat Butcher – Butcher’s Block
Anonymous Iconoclasts – Tomatoes
Game – Silver
Lifewreck – Weaker Everyday
Tremolo Ghosts – With My Toes In The Atlantic
Blazing Eye – At The Gig
Accu – Did You Count Your Eyes
GMX Stuns – Been There Done That
Dad Tan – Deep Fried Dad
Purple X – Awaken
HAG – Survival Of The Fittest
87 Til Present – Flashbacks To Maths Class