There was a such a great response when 20 Racine recorded a session for the show last year that they have pulled three more rabbits out of their collective hat and done another one. We are blessed once again. Also we feature the new ‘Best of…’ compilation from Liverpool’s Antipop Records which is out now and called ‘God Damn! Where Did I Put That Noisy Muthafucken Compilation.’

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 111
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Guests – 20 Racine (pre-rec session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Valleum – Stripey Song
Los Blancos – Clarach
Cocaine Piss – Tourette
Drellas – Cash Converters
20 Racine – Crud’s Beach (*session)
Hag – Don’t Speak To Me
The Stash – Roadrunner
Intercourse – Comfort Measures
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Hong Kong Underpants (*archive session)
The Cult Of Free Love – And The Sun Shall Rise In The East (Paul Hammond remix)
Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials – Liar
Tongue Party – Princess Puke
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Marcel Duschamp
dragSTER – Drone Pilots
Kentucky AFC – Y Salwch
The Blunders – Something Your Mother Said
20 Racine – Crud’s Mental (*session)
A Werewolf – When You Are Ron You Are Own Your Own
The Bordellos – Happy Birthday
PMS – Owls And Crows
PMT – Sick Sick Sick
Ectogram – Strategy Three
Billyclub – Die Already
Simon Power – How Proud We Are (Banco De Gaia remix)
Red Dons – Genocide
Insufferable – Twisted Animal
The Dead Class – Best Fighter In Town
Jars – ??????? ????????
20 Racine – Crud’s Room (*session)
White Feather Kiss – Elephant’s Graveyard
PINTS – Drunk & Disorderly
Robo De Toro – Feel It Burning [edit]
Boycott The Baptist – Minor Threat
Husbands – Take It Or Leave It
White Ether – Selling Wales
Valleum – Let’s Wrestle