Like last time, it was an absolute pleasure and a scream to have Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut live in session on my show. One half of this Reading based outfit is an ex-inmate of Colwyn Bay, so it was great to catch up with Uncle Peanut and take the opportunity to get an another session in the bag.
Check out their excellent second album ‘This Is The Standard Life.’

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 110
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Guests – Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut (live session)
Gift – Gimme Gimme Gimme Peanut Punk badge
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

LIFE – Popular Music
Gruff Rhys – Gwn Mi Wn
Dish-Is-Nein – Eva
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Excuse Me Sir (*live in session)
Pizzatramp – Rag & Bone
White Ether – Red Sky
The Bordellos – Voodoo Lennon
20 Racine – The Room
Humus – Non Cambriarti
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Hong Kong Underpants (*live in session)
Hopewell Ink – Hard Heart (*session)
Burnham Burnham – Leicester Pudding
Tong Po – Murder Of Crows
Doppelganger – Murder Of Crows
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Standard Life (*live in session)
The Vega Bodegas – Witchcraft
Pisse – Heiratsschwindler
Candelas – Gan Bo Fi’n Gallu
dragSTER – Anti-Everything
Here Are the Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Popstars Down the Pub (*live in session)
TONGUE PARTY – Die Yuppie Scum
The Membranes – Sugar Sugar
Doctor This – Call Me A Cynic
Lawful Killing – Killjoy
The Revolutionary Spirit – Can’t Wait For Tonight
Bar Fight – Class War
Binge Drinker – She Smelt Like Dim Sim But Tasted Like A Chiko Roll
Colossous – Platform 9 [excerpt]
Valleum – Roger Waters
skinpin – Victim
RUT – Provoked
Ruts DC – Psychic Attack
2 Sick Monkeys – Poppycock / B Ward
Rudimentary Peni – No Other Truth
Paul Hammond – Hang Your Heads In Shame
Eye Licker – In Sanity
Paul Henshaw – I Declare Shenanigans
Portrait Of A Lifetime – Simian
Burning Flag – Crash & Burn
Y Niwl – Tridegun