The travelling trollbadour that is Grant Sharkey enters the Tudno domain for the third time for another excellent live session. Grant’s quest to release and tour an album every six months continues with ‘Thoughts And Prayers,’ his eleventh in a series of forty!
Check out his tour dates and make sure you go and see his superb live show…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 107
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Guest – Grant Sharkey (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Delta Radio Band – Black Lake
Seventeen – Bank Holiday Weekend
Peter & The Test Tube Babies – Moped Lads
Grant Sharkey – Miracle Bays (*live in session)
Denim & Leather – Scran
Soundhog – Astrablast
Amyl & The Sniffers – I’m Not A Loser
Skinpin – Hate You
Manikineter – Rockantansky Memoirs
Trigger Warning & The Safe Spaces – What Is A Woman Anyway?
Kela Topan – Gun Boys
Grant Sharkey – The Path To Enlightenment (So Shut The Fuck Up) (*live in session)
Colossous – Devil Eyes
Revolutionary Spirit – Dharma Body
Troika – Opinologos
Forever In Debt – Chewing Bees
R-Bennig v Najwa Karam – Cheto (Skin Mix)
Eitha Da – She Shoots, She Scores
Morvo – Puppets
Grant Sharkey – Pubes & Toenails (The Brexit Song) (*live in session)
Eye Licker – The Safeword Is ‘Harder’
Habits – Casualties
Kardomah Gang – Dirty Macs (SuperSexySizeMix)
Adwaith – Femme
Bar Fight – State
Maggie Thatcher’s Rotting Corpse – Let’s All Spit In Boris Johnson
Crapsons – Kings Of The Council Estate (*archive session)
Grant Sharkey – The Useful Idiots (If I Were Vladimir Putin) (*live in session)
Youth Avoiders – Steel Concrete
This Is Not A Drill – We Do Not, And Never Will, Support Rape Culture And Rape Apologists In The Punk Scene And Society As A Whole
1987 Til Present – head2joes
Dan Amor – Brehines Y Tonnau
Oblong – Hold On
Hannah Willwood – He (*archive session)