Sadly Marcus Peachey (ex Valleum / Seagull Kinevil) fell off a hay bale while practising for the Annual Amlwch Under 5’s Bovine Gymnastics Tournament, so he couldn’t do the scheduled session. This however gave me the opportunity to repeat the excellent recent live session by Deckchair Protest. Also they’re appearing with a ruck of bands at this year’s Focus Wales Festival in Wrexham as of May 10th – whom you’ll hear several of in this week’s show.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 105
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Guests – Deckchair Protest (repeat live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Burning Flag – Parasites
Deckchair Protest – Honey Drip (*session)
Boycott The Baptist – Laura
20 Racine – Icy People (*session)
Scotch Funeral – Bad Things Come In Threes
Dad Tan – Av Another Beer Then
Rut – Provoked
Professor Screwed – We The Robots
PAPER BUOYS – Sharp As Razors
The January Dead – The Road To God
Deadlines – Ant Mill
Phalcons – Swim Away
Saint Stevie – Shithead Town (*session)
Mateless – ii
RED DONS – Genocide
The Bordellos – Spinning Like Julian Cope
Crapsons – Checking In To A&E (*session)
Deckchair Protest – Outside (*session)
Concrete Lawn – Come Bury Me
Little Destroyer – Bad Cell
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard – Gallego
Chupa Cabra – Sides Of My Skull
Gravves – Hello Sailor
Skellums – Bars (Clutter & Soul)
Forever In Debt – Rabbit Hole
Colossous – Solstys Y Gaeaf
Negativ – 3 Minutes To Midnight
Kieltolaki – Valta, Menestys Ja Kunnia
Micrographia – Cryostats
Taranula – Fatal Age
Anonymous Iconoclasts – A Head Like This
87 Til Present – Afternoon Walk
Modern King – Mata Hari
Impulso – Solo Disprezzo
Hans Blix & The Tuberculosis Choir – Tickle Me Pink
Deckchair Protest – Waterproof (*session)