Formed in Birkenhead in January and live on the radio in April..! – Crapsons are one of a clutch of incredible bands who have emerged around the Liverpool Calling scene. Their debut single You Don’t Know When You’re Gonna Die has had heavy rotation on my show since it’s recent release and we all eagerly anticipate more output. So tonight this two piece delivered a fantastic live session that you can hear here!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 103
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Guests – Crapsons (live session)
Gifts – Biscuit Selection and Crapsons t-shirt
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Grant Sharkey – The Super-Safe Safety Song For Broadcast On Commercial Radio (For Neil Crud On TudnoFM)
Nothing Clean – Gone Wrong
Melys – Cuckoo
Crapsons – Checking-In To A&E (*live in session)
Bobby Funk – DMT
Jesus Crost – Giftmord
Morvo – Puppets
Eye Licker In Sanity
Sick Livers – Dark, Dangerous And Delicious
Crapsons – Kings Of The Council Estate (*live in session)
Paul Hammond – Policy Of Cruel
Scotch Funeral – Ruthless Town
The Alarm – My Town
G.L.O.S.S – Trans Day Of Revenge
20 Racine – Who’s Got The Onions
Saint Stevie – Everyone Deserves A New Start
Crapsons – Scallies (*live in session)
Nosebleed – Slow Down
Impulso – Lascati Morine
Breichiau Hir – Mewn Darnau
Crapsons – Rapunzel (*live in session)
Piss Exorcist – Bad Knee
Crapsons – YDKWYGTD (*live in session)
Soundstate – Backstabber (*session)
Carnage – Sadistic Molester
The Fierce & The Dead – 1991
Burning Flag – Carly
Irma Vep – You Know I’ve Been Ill
Global Parasite – Lost In Translation
Colossous – Vanarchy In The UK
Datblygu – Mwnci Efo Crach
Mwstard – Dance Mynci
D0zix – El Juego
Kela Topan – Gun Boys
Old City – Strange System
Mamuthones – Fire On Fire
Alien Matter – Does My Bomb Look Big In This
Blitz – All Out Attack
Atom Furnace – Alien Carnage
Steakknife – Parallel Universe Of The Dead