Chow Mwng is simply weird… That’s all I need to say really! If you don’t believe me go to his Bandcamp page after you’ve listened to last night’s two hour show including a repeat of his live session from last year.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100
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Guests – Chow Mwng (repeat session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Burning Flag – Cold Blood
Armoured Flu Unit – This Machine Kills Fascists
Hopewell Ink – The Cure For Silence
John Lawrence – Shoezy
The Impalers – Day Tripper
Kela Topan – Gun Boys
Chow Mwng – Meme Machine (*repeat session)
Manikineter – Do As They Say
Saint Stevie – This Shithead Town
Eye Licker – Clean Out The Way
Kurtz – White Boy Blues
Breichiau Hir – Mewn Darnau
Glove – Escalator (*archive session)
Entity – Masquerade
Colossous – Seeds (Paul Hammond remix)
MAINES – Malkovic
Soundstate – The Face Of Rock n Roll
Chow Mwng – We Stole Your Soul As You Slept (*repeat session)
Paul Henshaw and the Scientific Simpletons – Middle Finger Thank You
20 Racine – Icy People
MORVO – Motorviolence
Mwstard – Shadowmoss
Lowri Hedd – Cyfryngwae
Seagull Kinevil – Black Lemons
Harrowed – Confined
Y Niwl – Trideg
Bum Sting Spiders – Waiting
Seize The Day – Whatever Happened To Shaun Sellers?
Deckchair Protest – Outside
Radio Europa – Fake News
Warwick Hunt – 12th Planet
Rat’s Blood – Meatheads
Cold Meat – Meat Joy
Skellums – Mirrors
Aüralskit – Omnicide
Chow Mwng – Pre-Boot (*repeat session)
Nosebleed – Slow Down
Manic Street Preachers – This Sullen Welsh Heart