North Wales band Kela Topan are just about to release their debut single Gun Boys ahead of their forthcoming epic EP. Frontman Dave Morait doesn’t let grass grow under his feet as he also throttles out for We Are Animal, Hippies vs Ghosts and Mechanical Owl. So it was great to pin him down to play a live, raw and stripped down session in the TudnoFM studio.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100
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Guests – Kela Topan (live session)
Show Sponsor – Mudshark Records, Bangor

Deckchair Protest – Honey Drip
St Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years A Day
A Hundred Million – Master Of The Ship You Painted
Sectioned – Annhilated
Lowri Hedd – Cyfryngwae
Kela Topan – Gun Boys (*live in session)
Mangled Youth – No Time For Me
Mooncup – Fleur Fanee (Sushi Part 1)
Cold Meat – Lazy Anarchy
The Hollow – Lost (Hearing Voices)
Hollows – Atone
Kela Topan – Heart Full Of Green Glass (*live in session)
Morvo – Motorviolence
Twisted Ankle – My Favourite Shops
Datblygu – Braidd
CUT – I Ain’t Cool
Kela Topan – Even Tempered (*live in session)
Rat’s Blood – Dublin’s Got HC
Teeth Crack – Mozgus (11th Hour)
Manikineter – Do As They Say
Y Niwl – Dauddegwyth
Tax Exiles – Miracles
Global Parasite – Bile Ball
Global Parasite – Bile Ball (again!)
The Stash – Mania
Pizzatramp – Duvet Mover
Racketears – Icicles
Radio Europa – Chasing Ghosts
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – 15 Million Merits
The Bordellos – Captain Coma
Black Pudding – Sci-Fi Si
Saint Stevie – Shithead Town
Nosebleed – Psycho
Travolta – Back Off
Chupa Cabra – Sides Of My Skull
Impalers – Nazi Burning Man
Holiday Project – Cleft In Twain
Modern Tribes – Psycho
Michael Kilbey – I Was Waiting