No live band in session tonight so it gave me the opportunity to repeat last year’s excellent offering from Blaenau Ffestiniog’s Brython Shag to remind us all what a good band they are!

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 137
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Guests – Brython Shag (repeat live session)
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Buzzcocks – God, What Have I Done
Bad Mood – Insomniac
Paul Hammond – Your Way No Way
Eye Licker – X4 In Vain
Blanchard – Pickle (*archive session)
Brython Shag – Pobol Gorllewinol (*session)
Yr Ods – Pethau Brau
The Stilletoes – One Last Dream
Healer of Bastards – They’re Watching Out For You
R.A.M.M.A.N. – JR Hartley Is A Killer
Anhrefn – Croeso i Gymru
Adventures of Salvador – Death Of Me (Shot Down)
DOA with Jello Biafra – Wish I Was In El Salvador
Rabo de Toro – I Feel It Burning
Beta Boys – The Zoo
Brython Shag – Dwnsia Ne Granda (*session)
James Phillips – Give Me Wings (*session)
Clowns – Freezing In The Sun
Kicking Seagulls – All Aboard
Warthog – Brainwasher
Peter118 – Money And Lies
Insect Terror – 2.4
Colossous – Hollow
The Bordellos – Kinky Dee
Geld – It’s A Con
Afront – Juz Dosc
Dan Amor – Y Ci
Knice – Look At My Face
Incisions – War In Your Head
The-Stash – Knocking On My Door
Team Ugly – Beers (Right Now)
Therapy – Crusader
Pulco – Brunt
Klaus Kinski – Eggs Is Eggs Is Eggs Is Eggs
Vanilla Poppers – I Like Your Band
Hobo – Blend
Broken – Uncontrollable
Brython Shag – Bywyd Ei Hun (*session)
Product KF – Today
Rudimentary Peni – Radio Schizo
The Cosmic Dead – Human Sausage