Aurbennig doesn’t play by the rules, is unconventional, loaded with contention, and exists solely for his own entertainment; not yours! I found this session on YouTube; three tracks, all with the subtitle – ‘session trac for Neil Crud / Tudno FM’ and I thought, ‘you cheeky bastard.’
So here’s the session among two hours of quality tunes from around the underground…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 134
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Guest – Aurbennig
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Pete Bentham – Goth Postman
Kill The Masters – No Apologies
Knice – Money, Money (Yeah)
Cane Toads – Devils Hands
Aurbennig – Merfyn Boded A’r Pwmp Asthma (session)
Concussion – Mental Escape
Coolzey – I’m a Idiot Too
Blanchard – Delilah The Huntress
JE Double F – Night Trains & Flight Paths
Rejected – Enslaved
Paul Henshaw – Obligatory Song About The Road (archive session)
Lipstick Homicide – Calling In Dead
The Chats – Left Right
Brython Shag – Blaenau a Port
Incisions – Self Medicate
Lovely Eggs – I Shouldn’t Have Said That
Crapsons – Kings Of the Council Estate
Mucus – Hacked into Pieces
Aurbennig – Joskin (session)
Sweet Deals On Surgery – Ballooning
Carpet – Balloona
Total Massacre – The Devil And Don Jr.
The Stash – Knocking On My Door
Blood Lips – Heartbeats
Meilir – Spero
Merciless Savage – The Slate Is Not Clean
Zombina – I Love Rock’n’Roll More Than I Love You
Bulsch* – Bulsch*
After The Fall – Bummer
Hummer – Quarter Life Crisis
Fflaps – Llosg Llech (Peel Session)
Government Flu – Sold Cheap
Dead Kennedys – Government Flu
Super Fast Girlie Show – Zocolilla
Sial – Huru-Hara
Y Pregethwr Aur – Iesu Grist O South Korea (session)
Natterers – Germs and Creeps
Steak Number 8 – Principal Features Of The Cult
Anhrefn – Am Unwaith Yn Dy Fywyd (Peel session)
Fugazi – Target