The Cane Toads played their debut gig at The Vic in Menai Bridge on Boxing Day in 1988… And tonight they had a session broadcast on my TudnoFM…
They are: Dave Hopewell – guitar and vocals, Pete Walton – drums and  Humph Davies – bass.
They were named after a species of fat hallucinogenic pests that infest Australia.  Proliferacy is not a word you’d associate with releases, clocking up two in thirty years!  – Horrid Din – live cassette in 1991 named after a less than complimentary review by Bangor Student Union newspaper, followed by The Roadkill Tapes – CD in 2007.
You will however, catch them out and about the Bangor area…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 133
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Guest – Coolzey
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Acid Cannibals – Lie’s Alright
Cane Toads – A Strange Way Of Travelling (*session)
Mucus – Stenching Crusts
Total Massacre – Fascists Stole My Haircut
Insect Terror – 2.3
Crapsons – Gee Wizz
Mr. Ted – Shame
Mr Huw – Gwyneb Dod
Cane Toads – Half A Ton Of Steel (*session)
Eastfield – Three Chords Good, Four Chords Bad
NESH – Suboxone Nosebleed
Scotch Funeral – Never See Me Again (*archive session)
Neurotic Fiction – Collateral
Muncie Girls – Locked Up
Blood Pressure – Misanthropy
Sweet Deals On Surgery – 21st Century Ballad
Coolzey – We’re All Gonna Die (*archive session)
Cane Toads – The Old School Tie (*session)
Blazing Eye – At The Gig
Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies – Them Next Door
The Keys – Chemistry
Pizzatramp – Discipline EP
Tremolo Ghosts – Toes In The Atlantic
Global Parasite – Worship
STUNTFACE – Commando-A-Go-Go
Chugga – Serious & Satanic
Cane Toads – Round Here We Don’t Give A Damn (*session)
Paul Hammond – Ugly Mug
Fflaps – Rhowch Hi I’r Belgwyr (Peel Session)
Tarantula – In League With Satan
Hoax – The Kids Aren’t Alt Right
Grant Sharkey – Pandas
Never – Chained
Incisions – War In Your Head
Cane Toads – The Devil’s Hand (*session)
BITE BACK – Know Your Rights
Bad Mood – You Can’t Go Far Right
Coolzey – I’m A Idiot Too
999 – My Street Stinks