Coolzey (Zach) is a superstar from Iowa – although mainly smashing out hip-hop tunes; he diversifies from swing to indie to punk rock to lounge rap. Also running a label, Public School Records that caters for his recorded output and acts he sees fit for release, Zach returned to our pleasant land last week to do 4 shows in North Wales. We also shot a video for a track on his new album ‘And The God Damned Friend Killers’.
The opportunity to fit in a live session was seized and the results were fantastic – listen below…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 132
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Guest – Coolzey
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Grant Sharkey – I’m Sorry To Hear You’re A Racist (*session)
Coolzey – Uh-Huh (*live in session)
Never – Chained
Kentucky AFC – Left To Die
Topper – Newid Er Mwyn Newid
Nesh – Rat Race
Acid Cannibals – Lie’s Alright
Coolzey – Christian Misfit Princess (*live in session)
Liquids – Werewolves (Problem Solved)
A Werewolf – When You Are Ron You On Your Own
Soundwire – UXB
Blood Pressure – Expectations
JE Double F – Flesh Is A Trap
Coolzey – Tough Guy (*live in session)
Vanilla Poppers – I Like Your Band
Little Man Tate – Man I Hate Your Band
Bulsch – Tartington
Bogans – Close To Home
Habits – Casualties
The Bordellos – Baggypuss
Pisse – Rolling Stone
Coolzey – The Ballad Of Marshall Mathers (*live in session)
Y Cyrff – Suck
Natterers – Dead Men Can’t Cat Call
Grindmother – Illusions
Jimmy Bullet – Just Because…
Seagull Kinevil – To Insanity & Beyond
Dark Horse – No Impact
Horses – Keffylau
Coolzey – We’re All Gonna Die (*live in session)
Y Pencadlys – Diolch Am Beidio Ysmygu
Salt The Snail – Laser Quest
ShitFuckingShit – Fuck You
Klaus Kinski -Happiness Happiness
Picture Frame Seduction – Getcha Rox Off
Anhrefn – Defaid
Homespun – The Dance Hall
Eye Licker – The Safe Word Is Harder
Chugga – Chuggaluggadingdong
Coolzey – Old Machine (*live in session)