Paul Henshaw returns to perform his second live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show. It was no nonsense (unlike his live shows) and he played a couple of songs off his new EP ’56A’ (which I’m told is not a bra size) plus something old and something brand new. Paul is now on a mammoth tour taking in the UK, Czech, Holland, Belgium and Germany before culminating on Dec 9th… Be sure to catch him wherever you are.. (Check it out) – listen the the entire show, click below…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 130
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Guest – Paul Henshaw
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

The Racketears – Moron Sunday
Roda Lits – It’s Not Easy
Salt The Snail – Laser Quest
Alien Matter – Lazer Junkie
Paul Henshaw – Discussing Escape (*live in session)
Rakas Nikotus – Alko & Alepa
Chugga – Gravel Splodge
Insect Terror – 2.1
Plant Duw – Talarch Neu Iesu
Endless Swarm – Doubt
Raw Poo – Put Your Boss In The Bin
Snakerattlers – Sweet Sixteen
Paul Henshaw – Obligatory Song About The Road (*live in session)
Pizzatramp – I Went On A Double Funded Kickstarter Holiday To The United States Of America And All I Brought Back Was This Shitty Fucking Album
Pizzatramp – I’d Do Normal Things And Have Normal Hobbies But It’s All So Fucking Boring
Pizzatramp – I’ve Got Nearly As Many Holes In My Brain As I’ve Got In My Favourite Socks
Brian Bordello – Sometimes A Song Will Save Your Life
Hyane – Warteschleife
Blood Pressure – Futility
Fudged – Mrs Robinson (live at MASE 2001)
Paul Henshaw – Stones (*live in session)
Teeth Crack – Outdo
Morvo – Puppets
Lolfa Binc – Cattle Prod (radio edit)
Paul Henshaw – Wren (*live in session)
Total Massacre – Thoughts & Prayers
Grant Sharkey – The Super-Safe Super Safety Song For Broadcast On Commercial Radio (for Neil Crud)
Sweet Deals On Surgery – Speed Date Yr Way To Fame
Felons – Pacing
Eastfield – Pedigree Scum
Electric Chair – Fatal Disease
Pocket Venus – Told You Why
Forever In Debt – Billy (*session)
Abominable Soul – Needle In My Eye
Sickoids – Funeral
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – A&E
Research Reactor Corporation – Meatmen
Ohmns – Jocelyn
White Ether – Selling Wales
Mercenary Skank – No More Dancing (Grannys Demo)
Out Of Use – The Way It Goes
Mother Of Six – Penelope