Wow… What can I say? I’m still in shock after an incredible live session from Liverpool’s Forever In Debt – they literally smashed their songs through the roof… Incredible… Check them out on Society Of Losers Records… Listen to the whole show below…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 129
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Guests – Forever In Debt
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – Hold Onto Your Hair Mate
Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut – A&E
Crapsons – Checking In To A&E (*session)
American Hate – TV As Eyes
Los Blancos – Cadi
2 Sick Monkeys – Nail In The Sky
Incisions – War In Your Head
Genod Droog – Bomiwch Y Byd
Forever In Debt – Without A Sense Of Summer (*live in session)
Forever In Debt – Down The Rabbit Hole (*live in session)
Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – I Am Absolutely Fuming
Eastfield – Get A Grip
This Is Not A Drill – We Do Not, And Never Will, Support Rape Culture And Rape Apologists In The Punk Scene And Society As A Whole
Red Or Dead – UK Publicity Machine (*session)
Old Radio – Fall Like Rome
Forever In Debt – Billy (*live in session)
Forever In Debt – Chewing Bees (*live in session)
Heavy Lungs – Blood Brothers
Gilb – Crude
Geld – Scando Ripper
Negative Scanner – History Lesson
Stevie EH – And I
Forever In Debt – Untitled (*live in session)
Forever In Debt – Apple Of My Eye (*live in session)
Forever In Debt – Garbage Tongue (*live in session)
Map 71 – Nuclear Landscapes
dragSTER – Spit It Out
Lunatic Hooker – (We Are) The Road Crew
Candy Plague – Submarine
Emissaries Of Syn – Invested Interest
From Plan To Progress – Long Song Titles
Seize The Day – Ham n Cheese
Datblygu – Amnesia
PMS – The Sort It Out
Lucta – OCD
Hazytones – Light Of the Day
Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Walkin’ Down Bold Street
Discharge – Does This System Work
Sial – Patuh
Spoonidols – Hold Onto Your Head