Souljacker formed in May and are from Wrexham / Chester and were cheeky enough to ask me for a session… So I took a punt… Here’s the results from their cool acoustic set live on the show. Incidentally, they feature Laz on drums who was in Lovers Open Fire, the first ever band I played on TudnoFM. Check out a flurry of gigs and new recordings out soon here…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 128
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Guests – Souljacker
Gift – Souljacker demo CD
Show sponsor – Mudshark Records

DENSE – Irreversible Knot
HABITS – The Rope
Datblygu – Can i Gymry
SOULJACKER – Watercolours (*live in session)
BITTER YOUTH – Higher Ground
Kentucky AFC – Diferu
Breichiau Hir – Portread O Ddyn Yn Bwyta Ei Hun
Government Flu – Sold Cheap
The Cox – Scissors
SOULJACKER – Ground Zero (*live in session)
Salt the Snail – Laser Quest
Eastfield – Big Brother
JE DOUBLE F – Flesh Is A Trap
SORE TEETH – Disappointment
Roda Lits – Roda
Nicotine Pretty – Bad Whiskey
SOULJACKER – Mary Jane (*live in session)
BKS – 5 Minute Break
Blimp – Pants Fistie Pie
Crapsons – Kings Of The Council Estate
Dog, paper, submarine – Moon Jelly Skin
Natterers – Boring Minds
D7Y – Strid Eftir Strid
Red or Dead – Take The Streets (*session)
Jack Sharp – Bearded Wizards
Sial – Kerakap
Melys – You Wannit Deep (Skinflick mix)
Eitha Da – Ice Scream, You Scream, We All Scream
GAMA BOMB – 666teen
Hopewell Ink – Cure For Silence
Nameless – Reward
Jives Room – Dum Didums
Anti Virus – The Alliance
Conclave Of Leeches – The KKK Took My Country Away
The Stilletoes – Nazis Cymraeg
Dish-Is-Nein – Toxin
Amigos de lo Ajeno – Traje De Alquiler
20 Racine – Cruds Beach (*session)
Lolfa Binc – Orange Tape
Bogans – Buckin Bronco
Rakas Nikotus – Haarikka
The Chillingtons – Telephone
Chugga – Serious & Satanic
The Large Veiny Members – Persuasion