When you’re lying on your deathbed, reflecting on your life’s journey there’ll be one thing definitely NOT say; ‘I wish I had spent more time on Facebook.’ Not that – ‘I wish I had gone to more gigs in Rhyl on a cold Thursday night in January,’ would be muttered either. I guess my point is, there were more people in the bands than punters, and had it not been for Lorraine, Kath and myself… well, you get the picture.

It was a real mixed bag this one… David Watson is a singer/songwriter (as most acoustic folk are called) from Chester. Perhaps more suited to The Ruthin All-Styles Music Club rather than The North, but his short set of pleasant original songs also had a sprinkling of neatly crafted covers, Love Will Tear Us Apart and Tainted Love both done in an unconventional way.

Teeth Crack
has been a staple part of the Rhyl anti-music scene for a good twelve months; opening shows for all manner of people, yet seldom going beyond the town walls. James has added lights to his set-up, in a mobile school disco kind of way. There’s also an addition of structure to his output. Rather than the extreme frequencies of shit there seems to be more structure with beats and (God forbid) tunes. This is a double dilemma really; I’ve always enjoyed the fact that Teeth Crack could both piss people off and intrigue others, yet he needed to develop that sound too. I’m waiting now for a video projector to add to his dressing gown of despair and ice that cake of grief.

Clawing their way from the eighties, Goth throwbacks The Webb dice with modern technology to bring us a synth soundtrack with make-up and props. A few more lost souls did venture in during the set, their interest piqued enough to warrant attraction to this duo from Tranmere. Think of a karaoke Siouxsie, X-Mal Deutschland and Specimen in all their back-combed fishnet glory doing Exploited covers. We were all knifed in succession by the band, all good natured of course, which is what it was all about.. Fun.