Since I began presenting my weekly radio show on TudnoFM two years ago I’ve opened myself up to the world of acoustic acts. Before this, they were the annoying stuff that happened before the main act came on and increased your time at the bar.

Deciding that live sessions would be a good idea on the show and that acoustic acts would be the perfect foil for the hardcore punk nonsense I play, I took to the streets. In the bars around North Wales is a subclass of human, armed with a guitar and a handful of songs to sing you… I don’t mean the rash of folk doing cover versions; I mean ORIGINAL ARTISTS.
These guys and girls have far more balls than people in bands or the covers brigade… They’re out there with nothing to hide behind, just their voice, their guitar and their songs… They have to put up with dickheads talking over their set and idiots demanding Sex On Fire.

Tonight (probably) by sheer coincidence, all three acts have  previously appeared live in session on my radio show…

From the cesspits of Dwygyfylchi Stevie EH has been releasing Bathroom Tapes for a few years, choosing to dig deeper than lo-fi to create a new underground sound. That sound is a skewed acoustic collection of twisted songs; most are under two minutes long making them bite-sized and perfect as Stevie contorts his way through his set… Love Shithead Town – an anthem for just about every (shithead) town.

Neal is 1987 til Present (or 1987-) and sings songs of St Asaph, Denbigh High School and sunken boats called Rosanna. His soft voice complements his 3/4 acoustic guitar and lures you into a false sense of leaning back and relaxing. That is, until he notches up and gets (almost) angry, raising his voice and the volume. Appreciated by the sizable crowd he ends on the earworm Flashbacks To Maths Class, a song I revisit very often, although Head2Joes is fast worming into my other ear.

This is apparently the first live performance by Scotch Funeral (top pic). He recorded a session ‘blind’ for me last year; blind by the fact I hadn’t heard him previously and he came recommended by Damir Bojanic.
Adam is a Rhyl boy who now lives and breathes in Manchester. I was immediately drawn by his distinct voice, the distinct couldn’t give a fuck attitude of the songs and the distinct sound. That sound continues with his ‘Eating My Feet’ album released earlier this year and tonight is the launch of his new EP ‘The Screaming Moon’
Accompanied by a drummer, there’s screaming feedback from a cool looking semi-acoustic guitar and we are bombarded with 20 minutes of the finest garage-punk you’ll ever ask for… I’m not kidding, you sometimes hope and pray to be hit between the eyes when you see an act, and tonight we were given two shiners… The song goes Bad Things Come In Threes tonight it was the best…. Cheers